Modifile Workshop

About us

Modifile designs and produces digital files. We are specialists in production, design and commerce of cutting works, templates for laser cutting and cnc machine.
All our design projects are conceived and planned for easy cutting and assembly. They can be downloaded, made and sold all around the world.
Once you have downloaded our models as a digital file, you can make them locally — on demand, anywhere in the world, in a customizable way.
We’re focusing first on furniture because it’s the best fit for current digital fabrication technology. However, furniture is just the beginning.
Connecting customers directly to the designs, we’re ensuring creations are made on-demand - locally, sustainably and affordably. Unlike the traditional industry, you get designer products alternative to mass-production.

We’d love you to join us in making this a reality. If you know anyone who you think would be interested in Modifile, especially if they’re a maker, or looking to fit out a space or thinking to start a new exciting commerce business, please do tell them about us. Enjoy technology and fabrication to make beautiful products.

The Company

Modifile is a sole trade, Italian Start- up, VAT registration number 04479850275, based in Venice, Riv. B. Marcello, 7, founded in February 2018 by Alessia Rosada and Carlos Travaini.
The team also owns and operates the digital commerce by the directory CncFactory.
Much of the original photography on the site takes place in the Fablab Venezia spaces, partner of Modifile together with Ars Projectum and Polyhedron Paper.

Modifile Workshop

Digital fabrication

Digital fabrication is a type of manufacturing process where the machine used is controlled by a computer. The most common forms of digital fabrication are:

CNC Machining: where, typically, shapes are cut out of wooden or cardboard sheets.
3D Printing: where objects are built up out of layers of material.
Laser Cutting: where materials like metal are burnt or melted by a laser beam.

There are a huge range of digital fabrication techniques. The important aspect that unifies them is that the machines can reliably be programmed to make consistent products from digital designs.
This means that a Modifile design can be downloaded and made, reliably and repeatably, all over the world, without a maker necessarily needing to have specialist equipment.
In fact, if you don't have your own cutting machine, a lot of cutting centers are already very widespread where you can go with our files to get your product done.
Finally, do not forget that you can always make your object manually (by saw, hacksaw, etc.).

"Produce everyday objects for everyone’s use, make things lighter not heavier, softer not harder, inclusive rather than exclusive." – Jasper Morrison